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Win Free Financial Advice!

January 2nd, 2007 at 08:55 am

Money Smart Life is running a blog contest starting today. It's The Small Idea, Big Change Challenge.

Here's the post on his blog...

"The blogosphere is full of financial wisdom and inspiration. Often, the smallest idea or article is all we need to help us make a much needed change in our finances. I challenge you to share what blogger inspired your financial success in 2006!

Enter the Small Idea, Big Change Challenge and let everyone know what idea led to a big financial change in your life! The winner of the challenge will receive a 1 hour consultation with a certified financial planner.

Kristine McKinley is a CFP and CPA from Beacon Financial Advisors whom some of you may recognize from her blog contributions to various finance carnivals.

The winner of the challenge will get a mini-version of her Right Start Financial Checkup. The prize is one hour of phone consultation with Kristine on your investment or tax issues.

So how do you win? Here are the rules:

1) Write about any small idea from a personal finance blogger in 2006 that inspired you to a big financial change.

It doesnít have to be a small idea but usually thatís all it takes. If you have a blog of your own, post your entry there. If not, send me the information via my Contact page and Iíll post it on this blog.

The submission should contain two things:

* A link to original post from the blogger that inspired you.
* A link back to this post.

2) Voting
The winner will be chosen for the people by the people! As the submissions link back to this post, youíll see them at the bottom of the page. Get out and vote for your favorite success stories by leaving a comment on their post. You can vote for more than one.

3) Winner
Whichever submission has the most comments by the end of the day January 15th wins! At the end of the contest, Iíll write a summary post linking back to all of the submissions and announce the winner.

Kristine will contact the winner to schedule the meeting and determine the personal finance questions to be covered in the consultation.

Contest Updates
Iíll be giving updates on the contest over the next two weeks so subscribe to my feed to stay in the loop.
Good luck!"

For more information and updates, check Money Smart Life's blog often!

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